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Here in the foothills of Sandy Ridge NC

I am Terry Dalton and my Wife is Ann Dalton. We have been married  31 yrs. working on 32 . We have been truly Blessed indeed. Not saying it has been a bed of roses because we have faced our hardships as anyone else. Main thing is we didn't just turn and run like most do today. I have some great news My Daughter Samantha has a set of twins which is over a year old now Avery & Allie and also this past December 2011 she gave birth to another little girl Abbie Grace.   That is awesome since God has already blessed me with a grandson  named Cash Levi Dalton from my Son Aaron. I thank God everyday for all my grandkids they are such a blessing. They are all spoiled a tad rotten but what are Grandkids for?   I have a great family and that is what life is all about family. First and foremost put Jesus Christ first in your life and things tend to seem a bit easier at times. Not saying all your troubles will go away but he is always there with you to fight the battles of life. I gave my life back to Christ after 20 some odd yrs. of running away from him on Oct. 22,2008 and haven't looked back praise God. I thank God everyday for my life and family. I thank God for the people I have met chasing these ole hounds through the woods as well.  I have been alcohol free ever since then and that is a big thing to me since I use to love to drink. Thought I would miss it but thank God I have not even wanted the stuff. I get my high from Jesus Christ my Saviour now and not the booze!!!  My hounds are like my kids in a  way and they get looked after better than some humans.  I pleasure hunt as well as Comp. hunt.  I love both.  My dogs are nothing flashy but can tree coons on a consistant basis.  Just according how good they are moving the coons that is. Well I finally got a win on my Zero dog back in Oct down at the Stoney Creek Coon Club in Burlington. That makes one towards Grand. Zero should have been finished out a long time ago but bad luck fell upon me and my family me loosing my Step-Dad and then my wife loosing her Father the following year. I about got out of coon hunting all together but I have hung in there and starting to get the urge to get it done again. Well I hope you all enjoy this site and if you ever need anything just give me a call. Take care and God Bless you all.

puppy territory

Some of my friends in the Coon Hunting World are Ricky Cates from Reidsville NC and one of my handlers.  Perry Hudspeth from Rock Hill SC who is co-owner of my NiteCh Blue English Dog "Fathead" with one win towards Grand.  Larry Puckett who I hunt with every chance I get.  Me and Larry always have a good time whether we tree coons or not.  I have not updated my Site in quite a while but now I feel is the time to come and tell you of the passing of my Nephew Eli Hutchens. Eli was working on his vehicle 4/13/15 and it fell off the jack and onto him. Eli passed away on 7/21/15. I can't tell you the emptiness I have in my heart by the passing of Eli. He was like one of my children. We hunted for years together and he will always and forever be missed by many. I can't tell you the times I have visited his grave since his passing but it is never easy I must say. I miss him so much but I know his family and other friends feel the way I do. I can't explain why he is gone but God knows and that is all that matters. Eli's little girls and wife don't know how much they mean to me because I don't see them that much but everytime I see his little girl I lose it. I pray God gives everybody comfort so we can carry on. They say time heals all wounds but time will tell. Please keep Eli's family in your prayer's. Love you Eli 

Dual Grand Aaron's Hidden Meadow's Blue Max

My good friend Nathan Lattimer painted this picture of Max . I met Nathan through one of my best friends from Ohio, Big Easy at Autumn Oaks 2006.  If you ever need a painting of your hound Nathan is the man to see.  He did a real good job of Max his first Blue dog painting. Thanks Nathan. 

In loving Memory of Eli Hutchens & my Step-Dad Julius O. Trexler Jr. & Father in Law Lundy Bryant Wood

This is just a bit about my Step Dad Julius O. Trexler Jr.  He was a God fearing and loving man.  He always treated people like he wanted to be treated maybe better.  He took me and my brother in after our Dad died in a automobile accident.  He treated us all our lives as we were his.  He taught us how to play sports and about hunting dogs.  We had beagles 21 to be exact.  Man those were the days.  But the main thing he taught us is to love the Lord.  He showed us on his dying bed that there is only one reason for living and dying and that is for the after life.  We told him before he died to say hey to our grandparents and the only thing he came back with is I am not worried about that but the first thing I want to do is see Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. That right there held a lot in our hearts for a man laying there dying never complained but all he had on his mind was God. That says a lot to us all.  Thanks so much for everything you ever done for us all.  Rest in Peace for we miss you and love you.  Well on the 28th day of June 2007  my Father in Law Bryant Wood passed away.  He was a very good man and I loved him as my own Daddy.  I miss  him really bad but my wife is  really having a hard time of it so please pray for her.  Bryant was one of my best friends.  We talked about everything and as always he gave me his thoughts on the matter.  His favorite saying was "Don't quote me on this but you can take it to the Bank " and another one was Hello Fire Here.  He loved my children and they loved him as much.  There was a special bond there between him and my Son Aaron.  He always called him Petey so with saying all that Aaron has that tattooed on his Back.   I miss Bryant being around and will till the day I die.  We love you Bryant and just know you were always be a mentor to me.  I miss your guidence and words of wisdom for sure. So for now Barney Fife "inside joke".  We were both Deputy Sheriff's  in the same County is why I call him that.  May you be in heaven listening to the Angels play that Bluegrass Gospel Music you always endured.  We all Love you & Miss you.

RIP Eli Hutchens you will forvever be missed..

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Yeah without Sin cast the first Stone!!!!!!!!!!  For God so loved the World that he gave his only begotten Son that whoever beleiveth in him shall not perish but have Everlasting Life.